Systemize Your Business: Millions Of Franchisees Use This Secret, Now You Can Too.

Systemize your business. Why do you think franchises are so popular with people wanting to get into business for the first time? And why do you think people own and operate more than one franchised business? Every conceivable situation owners and their employees might encounter has been carefully thought through, and a process for dealing with each has been developed, tested, and documented. <<


That is a big part of what franchisors sell to franchisees. They sell a system. You want to prepare your business for sale. Learn from successful franchisors. Systemize your business. Make it look like a franchise. But from the buyers perspective, there will be no need for ongoing franchise or other fees. He will get the systems, but not what he might consider the costly interference from some remote head office.

If we ignore the franchise example, what are the other reasons to systemize your business? Or are there other reasons? There are other reasons, although some of them are implied in the franchise business model. One of the strengths of successful businesses is that they make it easy for customers to do business with them. They don't ask customers to jump through hoops to buy and pay. Once credit cards were the exception for retailers, but now as a convenience to customers most retailers accept all of them.

Certainly understanding the many reasons why, will encourage you to systemize your business. And once you go through the reasons why, you will probably be anxious to learn how. Not anxious in any stressful sense, but with a sense of eager anticipation. To expand your understanding of the why, go to the following link named Reasons Why .

A great place to start to systemize your business is your marketing and selling activities. These are linked together, although they could be easily separated. This also includes your public relations activities, which can often cause you to get something called unearned media coverage. To learn more about how to systemize your business focusing on marketing and selling activities, go to the following link called Marketing Process .

As part of your campaign to systemize your business, you will need to address your finance and accounting system. Because accounting is by its very nature a system, you might wonder why to spend any time on it. The answer may be quite revealing. Many finance and accounting systems are passive in nature. They are reactive when they should be more proactive. And because of that many devolve into unreliable irrelevance. For further discussion please go to the following link called Finance and Accounting Systems .

Your finance and accounting system cannot operate in a vacuum. To make it an effective part of your drive to systemize your business, you also need to focus on your business information system. It is the process whereby you provide information needed for the timeliness of your finance and accounting system, including updates as experienced. Integrated with your finance and accounting system, your business information system provides you with all necessary information used in making various management decisions. To learn more go to Business Information System .

Now that you have access to real time, accurate, reliable information, you can confidently make informed decisions. As you systemize your business you can push decision making related to manufacturing/operations/processing, down to a lower level in your organization. Reliable information can frequently be a substitute for experience based guessing/estimating. And at the top level, effective cost related and cost reduction decisions can be made.

In very large businesses, and in some industry sectors, there is extreme emphasis on quality. There are now quality practitioners with things called Six Sigma black belts. They have taken six sigma certification. If you want more on certification go to the place it all started, Six Sigma Certification .

The reasons for this emphasis are usually to gain marketing advantage, or to rationalize existing performance and provide confidence that it will continue. However not all businesses place much emphasis on quality. In fact, many don't understand how to measure quality in their activities. To understand the relationship between quality and measurement, and other needed information, please go to the following link, Quality Systems .

We have all felt the effects of someone's customer service system. And they have not always been pleasant. But which of us has internalized the lesson learned, and made it part of our customer service system? More specifically, does your business have a customer service system? If so, as you systemize your business, what work does your customer service system need? To provide motivation, there is likely nothing having greater impact on whether Your customer will become a repeat buyer than your customer service process. Learn more at Customer Service System .

Your objective when you do this includes gross profit improvement. It may be the most important. It starts out with reliable information. Based on reliable information you can confidently make decisions that will improve gross profit. If you had not done the work to systemize your business, you could still have made decisions, but you would have had little reason for doing it confidently. When you build a house you need a sound foundation. Much of your work to develop and formalize systems has gone toward creating a sound foundation. This may not sound very exciting, but it will be when you experience higher gross profit. To move closer to this excitement go to the following link Profit Improvement .

Earlier in the page we discussed franchises. One of your objectives is to formalize systems to make your business resemble a franchise business in important ways, enhancing its appeal to many buyers. Another objective is to increase enterprise value, which will motivate buyers to pay more for the business. Go to the following Enterprise Value to reinforce your understanding of this relationship.

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