Learn How Quality Systems Contribute To High Customer Satisfaction And Increased Enterprise Value By Largely Eliminating Chance.

Quality systems are critical to providing customers the product or service they have been promised. There were a couple of very important words in that sentence. One is customers. Remember that it is customers that pay all your bills. Also remember as you read this that it costs a lot of money to get a new customer to replace one lost.

One of the best ways to retain customers is to provide or exceed the quality of the product or service promised. Quality control and related systems are strong contributors to your continued ability to do this. So your challenge is to ensure that your systems deliver for you. Do they work?

Do they work because you happen to have superior people? Or do they work because they are superior systems? Systems that are proven successful, and that are well documented?

Much has been written about quality control. The information covered in this material deals with a large part of what is needed in these systems. But it also assumes several important aspects. It assumes that the procedures have been developed and proven successful. It assumes that the procedures have been well documented. It assumes that the relevant people have been trained and that they have access to the documentation as reference material. It assumes that people actually follow the processes and procedures established.

Much written about quality control assumes away the human element. To establish quality systems in your business you need to institutionalize those human element issues assumed away in books and classes about quality control. You need to be sure that you and other managers lead with quality and customer satisfaction paramount in your thinking and actions. That your overall reward system includes quality, and at the micro level rewards/punishes for following the established system.

Your payoff when you sell your business will be a higher level of buyer confidence in continuity of quality, and of continuity of customer base. And all that will translate into lower resistance to price, and greater ability of the buyer to finance his purchase of your business.

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