Who Else Wants To Learn From The Useful Anecdotes And Real Stories Told By Former Business Owners?

One day I realized that having useful anecdotes from former business owners might reinforce some of the important information provided here. Some readers may be grateful for the opportunity of avoiding some of the challenges faced by others. Most business owners are intelligent, and pragmatic. So are really seeking the most productive ways to proceed. My challenge is to present the information in such a way that readers can understand and internalize it quickly.

Despite the actionable nature of all of the information contained, some people may not internalize it as quickly as others. This doesn't mean they aren't as intelligent. It means that it hasn't been presented in the way that is best for them. One way of presenting the information in another way is to get former business owners to provide useful anecdotes.

So former business owners were invited to provide their useful anecdotes. However, they were asked to respond to the statement 'What I Wish I Had Known Then'. Where then referred to before selling their businesses. Perhaps not surprisingly, none of the comments contained anything very radical or surprising. The most common underlying theme was that they were doing something for the very first time and how could they have expected to do it well. They should have had help to prepare for it.

One respondent approached the sale of his business virtually by accident. He was called out of the blue by an investment banker. His helpful anecdote is found at the Prepared By Accident article and provides his object lesson.

Another helpful story outlines a business where there had been more than one previous attempt to close the sale. Read the article Seems Like Forever and learn from the observations by the seller.

One great war story provides a lesson that can be applied in more areas than just selling a business. The article name, Legalman , probably gives away part of the story. But reading it will show you that there are a couple of unexpected twists.

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