Are You Pleased With The Impact Of Your Management Style, Or Your Leadership Style, Both, Or Neither?

Both management style and leadership can have a tremendous impact on the performance and ultimate enterprise value of your business. To many they seem to be one and the same. But learning how they are not, and about their component parts can help you add value to your business. And make it less stressful to sell. And operate. <<


The reward system provides a unique laboratory to observe your management style and your leadership style. If you have employees you need some type of reward system to pay them, to motivate them, and to direct their behavior. And you need to get people to buy into your system. To better understand its role in enhancing value, go to Reward System , and to a closely related subject, Evaluation .

Your leadership style and management style are closely connected but not the same thing. They both have a significant impact on your ability to add value to your business. As you prepare your business for sale, pause for a moment and contemplate your leadership style. And if you want to get clear in your mind the distinction between leadership and management, review the information on Leadership Style .

Your management style spills over into other related areas. You have external activities needing careful attention for your business success. An area often partially or totally neglected is that of supplier management. Many wonder why they should care. Are you one of them? Suspend any skepticism, and go peruse the information on Supplier Management . You might find some actionable ideas.

Customers pay all your bills. They are critical to your success. Your management style likely includes a strategy or process for managing your relationship with them. Your customer retention rate, and its converse, your customer attrition rate will be some guide. Even if you are happy about customer retention, you will still want to see what useful ideas you can find at Customer Management .

Everyone's management style has some strategy for employee management. It can be either implicit or explicit. Either way, it is important that it can be correctly identified and understood by all employees. Unless yours is a very small business, or an extremely unique one, you need people doing things for your business to prosper. In the Employee Management section you will examine this aspect of how you run the business.

Not to be confused with employee management, but closely allied to it, employee development provides some insight into the way you manage. Including how you motivate people. As your business has grown, have you grown your people to keep up with it, and support its growth? Tangible evidence of this aspect of the way you manage will provide usable information to a prospective buyer. Learn more at Employee Development .

Operational performance management is another reflection of both the way you manage and the way you lead. It reflects how you manage a complex process. In many ways it is more a management function. It involves standards, measurement, comparison, and remedial action. You need to be sure you are doing the what part of it, mostly management. And then there is the critical how aspect. That's where leadership plays a pivotal role. To demystify, go to Operational Performance Management .

The area that we all love to hate. Unfortunately every business needs to comply with various rules and regulations. Some imposed by customers and others important to us. Most imposed by various levels of government. Regardless of our attitude toward their value, compliance must be current. In most cases, particularly where government is involved, non compliance can be costly, in time and money. So be sure your style makes room for Compliance Management .

Stress free is a highly desirable condition as you sell your business. Or at least you don't want your stress level to increase. This is an extremely comprehensive subject, and much has been written about it. Stress management has probably been part of your own management style, at least in some form. To explore how you can manage and hopefully control your stress level as you move forward with selling your business go to Stress Management .

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