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Take that first step. Grab your personal copy of the comprehensive manual Getting All You Can When You Sell Your Business. It will show you how to get more for your business. It will show you the easier way to sell your business. Applying this actionable information will also eliminate much of the stress you likely expect when you sell your business.

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The priceless information contained in this manual will guide you through finding areas of potential weakness in your business. And then show you how to strengthen them. It will also show you areas of your business that are particularly strong and desirable. These may be a pleasant surprise to you, as you may not have realized their potential value.

Going through the process that uncovers these areas will help add value that will enable you to sell your business more readily. This added value will help you differentiate it from other businesses that you prospect will likely review. When your business is evaluated by prospective buyers, they will recognize this added value, and will be highly motivated to buy it. Particularly if you draw their attention to these areas of added value as points of differentiation.

One thing that you will observe immediately when you begin working with this manual as your guide, is that you will focus more intently on the buyers’ perspective. That shouldn’t be all that surprising. After all, isn’t one of the guiding principals of selling anything, to focus on the buyer and his needs? That applies when selling your business too. Well, that’s it in a nutshell. What could be simpler?

As someone famously said, it may be simple, but it isn’t necessarily easy. You will find it easier without training and/or outside help, when you use this manual as your guide.

Remember all those Saturday morning projects around home that ended up taking the entire weekend? Because you lacked the necessary skills and tools to do the job? Don’t use that as a model to sell your business.

Would you allow a new employee without any related experience or training to do something that was absolutely critical to the success of your business? Well, why would you expect it of yourself? When it comes to selling your business, you are probably in the same position as that employee.

You are attempting to do something for the very first time. Something for which you have no experience or training. You are not likely to do it very well. And that could have a profound impact on your financial well being. Are you prepared for that?

So don’t use this as a model. Instead, get your copy of the manual Getting All You Can When You Sell Your Business. Use it as your guide to getting more than you expected for your business. And selling it more easily, and with less stress.

Some Important Specifics:
• You learn how to avoid making major costly first time mistakes when you are selling your business;
• You learn about the most significant value enhancing factors to consider while you still operate your business---and when you want to sell it;
• You minimize trial and error, frustration, and lots of unhealthy stress when want to grow and/or sell your business;
• You make your business much more desirable to potential buyers, making them think they’re buying a business in a box, or an existing successful franchise operation;
• You learn how to give buyers greater confidence in their ability to take over management of your business in a seamless transition. The importance of this cannot be overstated;
• You learn how to sell your business at a premium price by making it that much more appealing to buyers.

All this will serve to make your business more desirable and more valuable to prospective buyers. It will put more money in your bank account from selling, easier, and with less stress. Your business will be made to stand out from others that they have examined, as being easier to run, and as being a better investment for them. For more sophisticated buyers, this will be seen as a major benefit.

It will be equally valuable for the evaluation of providers of capital. Those providing the extra equity, or the debt needed by your buyer to complete their purchase. They will have greater confidence in the ability of your business to repay debt, or provide both a return of capital, and a return on their invested capital. This will allow your buyer to access the capital needed to close.

There’s More: The way to get to your desired outcome is to start by evaluating your business as if you are an unrelated party looking at it for the very first time. By viewing it through buyers’ eyes. You will find specific tools in the manual to help you do this. For example, you learn ....
• How to prepare a marketing package to attract buyers to your business;
• What information you need to share with prospective buyers;
• The secret to reading the mind of the buyer;
• How to add value to your business; advanced concepts for adding value;
• How to build enduring transferable value;
• The buyer’s perspective during a sale;
• The critical importance of convenience and how to use it to make it easy for prospective buyers to buy your business.
Everything you need to know is explained in Getting All You Can When You Sell Your Business.

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2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Killen Limited.

From what you have seen so far, you have probably got some sense of where your business has weaknesses and will benefit from some work. There may be several areas needing work, but some will not provide the same reward for effort as others. You will need to exercise your own judgement as you lay out your plan. You need to put first things first. Using this manual as your guide, you are the person best suited to developing the priorities that will help you keep first things first.

This easy to use, downloadable eManual contains over 200 pages of hard hitting, actionable information on preparing your business for sale, and selling it. This valuable information is organized around practical chapter headings. The information is all presented with the intention of forcing you to think like a prospective buyer. It has been supplemented in its second printing by a lengthy addendum covering critical issues that have arisen from recent economic turbulence, and feedback from readers.

Specific Topics Include:
• How to know the value of the business that you are selling;
• How to invest in your employees for better performance;
• How to identify the ideal buyer, the right buyer, and the almost right buyer;
• The barter secret: how to use it in selling your business;
• Factoring receivables: a creative way to reduce the amount of cash needed by your buyer.

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2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Killen Limited.

Still Not Comfortable? It can often be quite scary buying something over the internet. You will never really sure that it will live up to its sales promises, are you?

However, by giving you more specifics, we believe that you will be better equipped to determine whether this manual is really for you. And it isn’t for everyone. Hopefully these specifics will get you thinking seriously about the benefits of making target adjustments to you business by working on it, as well as working in it. Resulting in it being more valuable and attractive to prospective buyers.

So Here Goes: You will also learn the following:
• How to position your business for improved performance;
• The secret behind successful hiring;
• How to find the right lender;
• SBA guaranteed loans --- an insider’s view;
• An understanding of the lenders perspective on SBA loans;
• How to prequalify your business for SBA and other loans.
And so on ....... and so on.

Remember that great story about men camping in the woods who discover that a bear is prowling around outside their tend. One starts putting on his running shoes and limbering up. One of his fellow campers jokingly asks him if he is planning to outrun the bear. His reply, in case you haven’t heard the story, is relevant to your plan to sell your business. He replied that he didn’t have to outrun the bear, only the slowest camper.

You probably don’t need to do all that much work on your business to add the needed value. Enough to differentiate it in a positive way from the remainder under examination by your prospective buyer. Like the camper in the story, with reasonable effort you will be able to achieve positive differentiation from most businesses that your camper is examining or will examine. Because they will not have received the kind of guidance that you will from your copy of Getting All You Can When You Sell Your Business.

You will always be in complete control of just how far you take this process of analysis and subsequent enhancement. You can continue to make important incremental adjustments to the way your business operates. Or, you can stop when you analysis tells you you have made the adjustments that will give you the greatest return on your time and effort.

I am absolutely certain that you will be amazed by the results that you can achieve with a modest amount of properly targeted work, to add value to your business. Value that will make it that much more appealing to many more prospective buyers. Value that will make it easy for prospective buyers to attract any needed outside capital to buy your business. So download your copy of Getting All You Can When You Sell Your Business immediately.

The Bottom Line? What do you have to lose? The cost of the manual is less than the cost of 20 minutes of the author’s consulting time, if you could convince him to consult for you.

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2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Killen Limited.

What About A Guarantee?

In your shoes I would be looking for the guarantee. I would want to know how confident the publisher is in the value inherent in the information in the manual. Or whether I as a buyer am expected to assume all the risk.

Well, the good news is that you as the buyer will assume none of this risk. The manual comes with an unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, let us know within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. And keep the eManual as our thanks for giving it a try.

Sure, buying online can be a bit scary. You’re never sure that others are honest. However, the reseller, 2CO is the one causing the refund under the money back guarantee. It is automatic upon request. You don’t have to trust us as publishers, just trust 2CO.

And 2CO has been in business for 10 years. It will respond to any refund requests promptly. In fact, we cannot block any refund requested, providing it is within 2CO’s maximum time limit, which corresponds exactly to the length of guarantee offered. They will respond promptly. Doing so is critical to their ongoing reputation. They want to remain in business for many, many more years.

Getting Getting All You Can When You Sell Your Business is your first step toward selling your business easier, with less stress, and for more than you could otherwise expect. With its help you will see your business as buyers see it. You and your business will be properly prepared when you actually begin the sales process. You will be delighted that you acquired your own personal copy.

You may be skeptical. You may have doubts, or you may be having difficulty seeing how any manual can help you sell your business. Don’t let these misgivings stop you from taking action now.

By now you have concluded that acquiring this manual poses no financial risk of any kind for you. You may be wondering about the other side of the equation. Your upside. What size of financial benefit can I expect from successfully applying this information to my business as I prepare it for sale?

Without intimate knowledge of your business it is impossible to answer this question precisely. It mostly depends on the size of your business, and the profit margin your industry and competitive environment offer. However, applying this information successfully can help you sell your business for much more than you could without it. Enough to buy a luxury automobile, or a second home, or your own boat or airplane, from the increased selling price.

Isn’t that worth a little extra time and effort? And a modest investment in the right information. Information that works. Where all you have to do is apply it successfully. It is all up to you and the current condition of your business.

Take action. Nothing works like taking action. Just get started, right now, totally RISK FREE.

If Getting All You Can When You Sell Your Business is not for you, just cancel. No reason is needed.

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2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Killen Limited.

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