To Sell A Business, You Need To Understand The Alternative Investments Available To Buyers.

Without a reasonable understanding of alternative investments, you could convince yourself that interested prospects really need to buy your business. That would be a costly mistake for a couple of very good reasons. <<


Remember that as a practical matter it is easier to sell to wants than to needs. I may need to lose weight, but until I want to do it nothing happens. At different level, no one really needs a Rolex watch, as with current technology a Timex or some other inexpensive watch tells time just as well. However, few people lust after a Timex, while many demonstrate that emotion for a Rolex. They want it, they sure don't need it. And they pay more for it.

So your job is to make your business appear so appealing that prospective buyers will really want it. To do that you need to understand the alternative investments that your prospects also have available to them. And that many of them will also be contemplating.

Prospects with ability and capital can decide that they want to be involved in some completely passive investment activity. They can become passive investors in the stock and bond markets, otherwise known as the regulated securities markets. This will likely not take up very much of their time. To learn more about this alternative investment, please click on the link for Stocks and Bonds

These same prospects may lean toward another largely passive investment. They may prefer the tangible to the intangible. This may lead them to invest in real estate. Their choices are quite extensive. To get a better understanding of real estate as one of your prospect's alternative investment opportunities please click on the following link for Real Estate

Another type of investment involvement available to your prospects is of private equity syndicates involved in real estate or businesses. A group of investors pool their capital and invest it in real estate or businesses. To learn more about this alternative investment opportunity please click on the following link for Private Syndications

Start up business investing is another opportunity open to your prospects. It will be particularly appealing to those wanting to hit the ball out of the park. Few will be successful, but for those succeeding, the rewards are substantial. Go to the link for Start Up Business investing to learn more about this alternative investment opportunity available to your prospects.

No discussion of alternative investments available to your prospects would be complete without touching on the fascinating area of franchise investing. Evidence of the appeal of franchises comes from the popularity of the search term business franchise for sale. To learn more about the competition you can expect from the implementation of the concept of "being in business for yourself, but not by yourself" go to the link for Franchises

The popularity of the internet search term, small business opportunity, validates the popularity of small business in general as an investment opportunity/vocation. So you will need to be prepared for the fact that many prospects are looking for the business that they want. It may or may not be in your industry, or in your geographic area. To learn more about this competitive field, look at what comes up when you search under small business opportunity.

Although someone may be searching for a business to buy, there is no guarantee that he will buy anything. Some, as they evaluate the opportunities for alternative investments available to them, will go a different way. They will employ their capital in some passive investment, and find a management job. Go to Management Job for a brief discussion of this buyer type.

The purpose of this page was to show you that you and your business are not the only game in town. Prospects have alternatives available to them. In many cases, one or more of these alternative may be more suitable for them than buying your business. Not good to hear, but necessary to know.

Your job is to put together such a compelling package, where you have formalized systems and processes to the point where the business can almost run on autopilot. That will go a long way toward making prospects merely interested, into prospects seriously wanting your business. And knowing that potential buyers have choices will strengthen your resolve to work on a compelling package.

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