Contributed Articles Provide A Different Perspective On Material Already Covered In A Different Way.

Contributed articles is the omnibus title for articles written for publication elsewhere. And for articles or interviews solicited from outside experts, related to particular subjects already explored elsewhere in preparation for selling a business.

The first of these, the Selling A Business Article provides an overview of the subject. It was done for an audience that may be contemplating selling a business, but not actively engaged. Its intent was to stimulate them thinking in the right direction.

The reality is that every topic covered in this website can be explored in greater depth. This is an attempt to help do that by bringing in outside experts as contributors. It also does it by giving access to information provided to others, that examines a topic from a different perspective. This information is in the form of articles contributed to other websites.

Legal advice can make the critical difference between closing a transaction and not doing so. A tax lawyer can frequently provide some of that advice. For a slightly different perspective on the use of a tax lawyer, go to Tax Lawyer Article . It was written for inclusion on an Unrelated Legal Website .

Stress is included in the name of this website. It will frequently result from the apparent loss of control over events that accompanies efforts to sell a business. An article was written around an interview with a world famous expert on stress. In fact he studied and collaborated with Dr. Hans Selye, considered to be the founder of medical research into stress. To see this article go to Stress Article .

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