Thinking Like A Business Opportunities Buyer Is Your Challenge.

It is a challenge, because this buyer is frequently in the early stages of his search. In some cases he may have advanced little beyond the tire kicker stage. And you may have some difficulty remembering how you approached business when you were at that stage of your business career. <<


Were all opportunities the same to you, or did you focus on small business opportunities? Were you also looking a multi level marketing situations? Or were you so early in your search that you were unable to differentiate yet? What assumptions can be made about this category of buyer that will be useful to you?

Will these early stage buyers be attracted to your business, because they don't want to ignore any possibilities? Or, from a different perspective, are they just business wannabe's? Business groupies. People who will never buy or start a business, but get their kicks from looking at various businesses?

Many regularly read the business opportunities section of their local newspaper. They read the businesses for sale section. They go to local business related trade shows. They go to franchise shows. And so on. Many will never own a business, but they enjoy looking. Some haven't developed a focus yet.

There are undoubtedly exceptions, however most people seeking these opportunities are not ready to make a purchase decision. They need to see more businesses. They have not developed a focus, and have developed no search parameters. And even if they did, they have no capital, nor the backgrounds to attract capital from individuals or organizations exercising reasonable judgment. Regardless of the strength of the underlying business.

It will be difficult to prepare your business for sale and target this category of buyer. However, for completeness, they needed to be focused on separately, however briefly. Because they make up a significant part of the universe of alleged business buyers at any time.

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