Why Should You Explore Bartering As A Way To Help Ease The Sale Of Your Business?

Another name for bartering is trading. It was the original way business was done. It was practiced long before the evolution/invention of money. I gave you a goat for six chickens and a bag of feed. Money as we know it, in the form of paper currency, and credit, largely replaced trading. <<


So if money replaced trading, is there any good reason why the reverse can't be true? Replace money with trade. At least in some areas of your business. It will reduce your need for cash for working capital.

Like many less known areas of business, it has been largely used to great advantage by the knowledgeable few. However, just to give you an example, Carnival, the cruise line, traded cruise tickets for advertising when it started out. And perhaps for other things as well. Carnival was short of money, and couldn't raise any. But it had lots of empty cabins.

This is something that can help you ease the sale of your business. However, to use it effectively to help make it easier for a prospective buyer to acquire your business you will need guidance. You will need expert guidance from a specialist.

This can be an extremely powerful technique if used creatively. It has been used to jump start some very well known businesses. I was able to interview David Wagenvoord, a trade expert with decades of successful experience. In fact he was heavily involved with the Carnival example mentioned earlier. In the Bartering Article you will get a different and much more valuable perspective on how this technique can help you sell your business.

As you review this article, think creatively about it in the context of your business. Trade can assist you and your business even if you are not expecting to sell for a while. David has information that might interest you, and a contact has been provided in the Bartering Article .

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